The Orange Girl

The big question: If you could choose between living a duration of the whole universe life or not entering this world at all, which would you select?

A sweet love story which yields to above question.

I have given this question some thought but Im not still sure which would be my response. But I cannot forget the scene when Hermoine was deleting her memory from her parents’ lives. You may wanna read this book if you are sad.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

In a section of a book, the writer asks a famous runner if he ever thinks about just sleeping instead of going to run, the runner looks at him and says: OF COURSE, Every DAY

This was a very inspiring response for me, because I feel the same way about so many things that I want to excel in, but it seems hard to get up and do it. I thought this feeling would never happen to a professional or someone who really loves what they do, I am glad it’s not true 🙂

The book is a kind of self-experience story of what Mr. Murakami goes through while he practices running and you may wanna read this book if you want to add a new habit to your daily schedule.